IndyCar Updates has moved!

The FORMER IndyCar Fan's Web Destination

A major change has come to IndyCar Updates recently.

In simple words, this website and the Wordpress blog have merged to form a single website that I will operate from now on.

The reason for the merge of the two sites of ICU is, mainly, for simplicity reasons. Rather than having two different websites serving different purposes, both with different but equally confusing URL names, why not combine the websites, simplify the URL, and have a fresh start for 2015?

In 2013, ICU was created. In 2014, the way I run it was further established, with things like Pre-Race and Race Summary stories becoming things ICU was known for - but I didn't begin doing them until the middle of the racing season. Because of this, 2015 will be, in my mind, the first true full year of IndyCar Updates functioning smoothly. I'm glad the fresh start is here just in time for the 2015 racing season.

Anyways, the new website has been created, and it's fantastic. It's a joy to work on from my position, and surely a joy to visit for followers of IndyCar Updates. I'm so excited for the new website to become a favorite of many IndyCar fans!

Now that you're aware of where the IndyCar Fan's Web Destination is newly located, don't you agree it's time you check it out?

Here is the brand new IndyCar Updates website!

Now you know what I meant when I said a simpler URL name. Thanks for reading, and enjoy the new website!

- Aaron